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Okay, I finally got around to finishing this mod today. Silveredge, I just want to thank you for creating what can only be called the best KotoR mod to date. I mean it, everything about it was simply stunning from Quanon's new maps, the voice acting, and of course the story. When I was about 3 hours into the game I told my brother that the mod is about the length of one of the planets, I now take that back. This mod is much longer then any of the planets and was that much better because of it.

Ever since playing the orginal BoS I have always been curious as to the past of the Brotherhood. Thank you for revealing Arikonian Sins past. I was most surprised at the very end when it was revealed he was betrayed by the Sith Advisors, that was a great piece of storytelling. I also realy grew to like all the new characters really. Solomon, Kobayashi, and Verbal especially were really well written and believable. So glad Kobayashi lived at the end as I was actually a bit sad when it seemed he would die. Great ending to the whole BoS storyline as a whole. Very epic.

So once again. Thank you Silveredge for all the hard work it took to make this. It has defintally earned a permanent place in my override folder and worth playing through with each playthrough of KotoR. Now to get back to the main story and kick Malak's sorry butt.

I actually found the non canon box early on. When I could not open it I realized it must be the non canon box and I would be able to open it later. Nice to have that awesome sword now though. Who modeled that thing?
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