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Originally Posted by Te Mirdala Mand'alor View Post
That, and he recognized the mistakes and faults of the previous Jedi, an knew best how to avoid them.
That's right too - the Jedi seemed to be one of the few things he didn't view with incredible naivety.

It suddenly occurs to me that I didn't make a choice from the lot available. Really, I don't think any of them were as neatly Jedi-like as Mical...Brianna seemed a bit more focused on black and white. Naive in this instance where Mical perhaps was not. Atton always seemed quite dark to me, even when playing as light side. Visas was too deferential (hardly surprising given the character's background), well except for that one quest involving the Hutt and dancing...ANYWAY - Bao-Dur's Jedi-ness always felt like an afterthought. So, that leaves Mira. There seemed to be a bit more hinting at Mira being the force sensitive, and she seemed to be more involved after the final cut, that whole thing with Hanharr on Malachor.

So I vote Mira, in lieu of Mical.

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