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Originally Posted by Lopiv2 View Post
Well, at last we must thank to George that he hear all those fans who wanted a New Monkey Island game (like me)...
Sorry to disappoint you, but it wasen't because of that. It was becasue the once so popular adventure gaming genre got popular again = good sales = loads of money for the gaming companies (Telltale with Sam and Max and Wallace and Gromit and Bone, Revolution/Ubi-Soft with the Broken Sword directors cut for Wii/Nintendo DS, Capcom with their Nintendo DS adventure games etc).

It's pure and only a question about money, I would bet all my dimes on that. If these two games (Secret of MI re-make and Tales of MI) make bad sales = loss of money for the gaming companies, in this case Lucasarts/Telltale, we wont see more Monkey Island games until theres money (loads of them) to earn...

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