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Malak is drawing his power from the horrors which transpire in the battle around him; all of which is being amplified by the presence of Malachor V.
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Originally Posted by Silveredge9 View Post
Difficulty is a matter of opinion and skill, and I'm happy with the difficulty of the boss fights on a whole.
Well then, if you are happy, that's that. Possibly, I'm a bit too obsessed with the roleplaying aspect of the game, so for me RP concerns always take precedence to "efficiency". My Jedi characters usually only wear regular clothes or Jedi robes, and never use stims, shields, etc. The Force provides for them and stuff, y'know? Sith needn't be so strict, though.

It's just that I wish that tactics for the climactic battles offered a bit more variety than the same old Master Speed/flurry or Force Wave spam. This is more a problem with lazy design on BIO's part than with the mod itself - even if the mod necessarily suffers more from it owing to the increased difficulty.

Originally Posted by Silveredge9 View Post
video games suspend reality for the sake of challenge all the time.
So true. The suspension isn't always necessarily well executed, or necessary to the degree it's implemented, though (yes, I'm looking at you, stupid Force VFX!). However, the original content, being of lower difficulty, allows for players to circumvent the need for stims and shields. To you this is perhaps irrelevant. To me, it's a heavy dent on my suspension of disbelief.

At any rate, I doubt this is the place to discuss this and I don't want to hijack your thread. You have already stated in response to me and others that you are happy with the current difficulty, and it's no big deal anyway. I sure don't want to sound like this is a major issue with the mod or anything.

Originally Posted by Silveredge9 View Post
Though thanks for the detailed critique. It offered a fresh perspective that up until now I hadn't considered.
Sure thing. You've obviously invested a huge amount of time and effort in this mod; writing a few lines with opinions is the least we can do in return.

By the way, I've also experienced the bug reported by others with appearances getting mixed up, in my case between a textureless-headed Kobayashi, Solomon and Akirakon Sin. Very odd. I only have the "robes for Korriban students" mod installed, apart from SR. That's the only glitch I think I have experienced. Some solid beta testing there.


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