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My replies are in red. regardless of whatever "vent" assumption one might imply.

Originally Posted by Maveritchell View Post

Listen, fella. I have no desire to roll around in the muck that is e-debate. This isn't about you personally (you seem to be a courteous poster when you're not ruffling your feathers) but it is about what I see on the board (acknowledged in the posts above and below yours).

Apparently you have some level of desire, else I don't know why you would continue posting here in debate of the subject. For your information that "isn't about me personally," my feathers aren't ruffled, as I don't tend to emote online...

I'm not going to tell you [this is the impersonal you, just for clarification ] how to treat people or whether or not you're allowed to whine about most things, I do not have that happy privilege here. I think you're doing more harm than good and whatever your justifications are I don't think they're worth it. If a forum's inactive, it might be best to just let it be. If needs arise for it the crap'll get cleaned out pretty quick.

1. What am I harming and how?
2. Why are you giving us suggestions on letting a forum go active if we want to discuss something?
3. Are we not allowed the privilege or right to voice our opinions and discuss them?
4. What need arise? The only crap I've identified here is the continued personal issue you keep bringing up beside the debate by going off-topic onto our forum conduct, which seems to have been noticeably different from yours here so far...

But I won't wax counselor anymore, I'm not gonna believe that I have one whit of control over how anyone else thinks - I'm just trying to look out for you.

I certainly hope that was not your motivation nor justification for this character critique on the members of this forum. Feel free to cease and desist "looking out for me." I can manage on my own.


As far as the game itself goes, I could care less how the story develops at this point. I don't expect any sort of story out of an action-shooter as long as it's done well. In fact I really don't care what the name "Battlefront" is plastered on as long as the game is fun - it could be an RPG, an action game, whatever.

If you don't care about the story development, then seriously, Mav, you're probably in the wrong place. We're here to discuss the game, not be counseled by you like you have in previous posts (and above). There are some who do appreciate and expect a non-ridiculously idiotic storyline, though you may not be one of them. We're questioning the fun level on a preliminary basis and hypothesizing aspects from what is known so far.

I'll admit that the story sounds pretty rough, though. Inevitably it's going to play out like any number of stories sandwiched in a time that already has beginning and end plotted - a zero-sum story (both characters will end up killing each other "canonically" or some such nonsense).

This... is what... we're talking... about... here... But you don't seem to think we should criticize. Note my quote... "It is LucasArts," thus why we're having this discussion, which you don't seem to think we have any place to criticize here.

To be honest I would if that were the game. I'm not going to get hung up on what it's called.

I could care less about the name... I'm talking about the game play and the factors involved in the game so far.

Now, they didn't say that - be fair now. They could add a Jedi class and not "destroy" anything - although I must admit the loathing some have for melee units in a shooter game baffles me.

Overpowered melee often leads to less quality game play for those who suffer the fight with the melee... The Jedi class becomes even more annoying when there's a terrible excuse/justification for it in the story line. Cloned Jedi are the stupidest thing I've ever heard of in the Star Wars universe, by far. How you can justify this is baffling to me.

I'll be the first to admit if a game ends up disappointing me. But I've had experiences where I haven't been looking forward to a game and then tried it to my delight (and of course the inverse). Because of those I'm not willing to toss a game in the bin until I've given it a fair shake - and no one in this thread seems to be willing to give it that. Just playing devil's advocate.

I like to know about the product I'm investing in before giving it your proverbial "fair shake." If it's so obvious how lame the main components of the game will be to me, I will save myself some money by not buying the hand-held and game. Not everyone enjoys blowing their money on a tiny trash-worthy LA game if they can avoid it. If that contradicts your standard procedure for game purchases, I can see how LA stays in business with that kind of customer dedication...
I hate having to begin like this, but look at the post count, just to start. I fail to see where this fellow obtained his terms of reference to reply with any sort of educated contribution. My replies are in orange.

Originally Posted by CrownStar View Post
I agree with Mav for the most part, mainly because he isn’t afraid to state his opinion with the ‘constructive’ criticism he’s going to probably receive, if not already.

I agree with bokken on this point. The logic involved with that statement makes absolutely no sense. I also wonder if this is also motivated by automatic sympathy for an apparent "martyr" in the circumstances. I hate to make such personal comments, but I'm replying to what I'm observing here. Just because someone can post their opinion (which everyone has), it doesn't necessarily make them a messiah.

Though the game does like a bit…’unworthy of getting, I myself would usually try the game first. For a short example LOTR, we all know that game sucked but I at least tried beforehand.

I'm unsure what "LOTR" game you're talking about, perhaps Battle for Middle-earths? Yes, they lacked proper support and patching (I wouldn't use the term "sucked," though), but RotWK alone was better than this at first sight...

Either way, it’d be best to try it simply because if you try it and you’re disappointed, lesson learned. If you don’t try it you’ll never know what you’re messing on anyway. At least he was honest with his opinion, though.

Again, I'll say I'm not going to blow cash on a new hand-held because LA is too cheap to make a proper game on PC. I refuse to conform to low-grade, low-quality cash-wastage.

There are many people "honest" with their opinions, but I suppose that makes them worthy of support, regardless of substance or anything else defining of such opinion(s)?...
That is all for now...

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