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I made a thread about my problem with the widescreen mod before I remembered this thread. Here is the thread I posted explaining my problem:

Originally Posted by ZimmMaster
I recently downloaded and installed the widescreen mod using the uniws.exe program to give me the 1400x900 resolution. The new resolution worked fine. But then I noticed the GUI was positioned wrong when I realized that, I had to download the GUI fix. I downloaded the GUI fix for the 1400x900 resolution here. But the fix did not do anything. When I loaded the game the GUI was in the same place. I followed the instructions in the readme included in the zip file the 1400x900 GUI fix came with. I have no idea what is going on. I have had this mod installed and work fine with the GUI in the right position before so I don't think it is my game. Can someone help me?
Also something else I noticed a little while earlier is that my 800x600 resolution option(s) no longer show up in the game menu. If I want to have the 800x600 resolution of have to edit the swkotor.ini or click on the configuration button when I boot up the game and edit it there.

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