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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
Alive: marked by much life, animation, or activity.
Life: animate activity and movement.

The baby is quite active in the mother's womb (kicking, eating, etc.) You're definition of life doesn't line up with the definitions from the dictionary.
How does that work for you when we apply it to someone in a persistent vegetative state? Coma? Paralysis?

I'm willing to bet that your definition of life isn't as tidy as you would like for it to be either.

I think the problem that we're going to have here is that one or more interested parties seem to be hung up on "alive" when I think the root of what we're really trying to get to is "personhood" (i.e. a separate entity with rights, etc).

Furthermore the problem that we run into when we talk about late-term abortions is whether the "rights" of an unborn fetus trump the rights of a living, breathing human adult (per Samnmax221's earlier post). As related to this thread, someone committed an actual murder to avenge perceived "murders" and called it "christian". Perhaps an apologist will come along at some point to explain how first degree murder is "christ-like".
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