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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
Alive: marked by much life, animation, or activity.
Life: animate activity and movement.

The baby is quite active in the mother's womb (kicking, eating, etc.) You're definition of life doesn't line up with the definitions from the dictionary.
It doesn't know its being aborted, it isn't sentient, it's not murder.

Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
So you're saying that their decision to have an abortion in the first place was stupid because of their hormones?
No, I was mocking mothers, Jae in particular, for their constant MY BABY this, MY BABY that, they sound like they're on ****ing Maury. No one gives a **** about yourBABY but you, stop talking about. Also, when Sarah Dumbass Palin cited her experiance as a mother during the leadup to the election I wanted to punch her in the face, its not classy, no one cares, and its not applicable to anything else, stop citing it.

Abortion is a women's health issue, they aren't just heartlessly killing babies like you morons seem to believe. Late term abortions are almost exclusively undertaken to prevent pregnancy complications, do you know why you don't hear about women dying during child birth very often anymore? Because the pregnancy can be ended, forcing women to go the course due to your own simple minded beliefs pretty much condemns one, or both of them to death in those cases.

Also this:
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