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Originally Posted by nizwiz View Post
While there still seems to be no TFU for PC in sight, LucasArts may have come to their senses again:
The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes
While this is one SW fan who is getting a bit tired of retreads of the Clone War period (considering the overall lack of originality... how many more times can you rehash slashing up endless battledroids?), I'm glad to hear it will have "two player cooperative play." Hopefully the multiplayer in this game on the PC won't be merely limited to a console style "split screen" two player, but have other options as well.

Anyway this is no substitute for a true "Jedi Game."

It seems we've gotten a few "Jedi Games" over time that were console only... "Star Wars: Obi-Wan" for the Xbox in 2001 (between 1998's Mysteries of the Sith and 2002's Jedi Outcast), which by all counts was a disappointing flop, having suffered a lot as a project (which was more than made up for by JK2 on the PC). Then we had Episode III: Revenge of the Sith which was console only in 2005, two years after Jedi Academy.

Then we got TFU... again, console only. But it seems what all these games do, they give you Jedi-like gameplay options, but not the style of gameplay we've come to know and love in the JK series... the ability to use sabers, force, AND OTHER WEAPONS in a free for all, or team-based multiplayer context.

Coop is great, and I'm all for it, and I know it takes a lot more time to develop, but really, they need to give us something. Even JA is becoming hard to find at a reasonable price. At least they should re-release it so more people can get their hands on the game (JK2 at least got re-released recently with their "Best of PC" collection).

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