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Originally Posted by Isak View Post
It's pure and only a question about money, I would bet all my dimes on that. If these two games (Secret of MI re-make and Tales of MI) make bad sales = loss of money for the gaming companies, in this case Lucasarts/Telltale, we wont see more Monkey Island games until theres money (loads of them) to earn...
P.S. I don't care how pure the motives are, just happy that they are suddenly bombarding us with new. If TellTale and LucasArts make lots of money off of MI and it works out, then good for them for choosing such pinnacles of awesomeness to take a chance on. :-) MI hasn't exactly been all over the place in the last few years, so the fact that they chose it to resurrect says that they ARE listening to us, at least a little bit. Or they just have the same soft spots.

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