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Bastila and Jolee Converse
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YouTube Video

At this point in making YouTube videos, I have noticed that stupid questions will always come up because too many people have seriously lack basic comprehension skills and I was laughing at the idea of doing this scene on Taris because normally you don’t see Jolee on Taris. In my summary it says, ” On a side note, I brought Jolee to Taris to do this scene because I wanted to torment you all.”

Well, here's to tormenting people with Jolee on Taris :

"how u get jolee on taris"

"Yeah how the heck did you [bring Jolee to Taris] JediShemL??"

"how did you get jolee in taris??"

"How is Jolee on Taris? I'm so confused..."

"How can u get Jolee on Taris? U get him from Kashyyk and Taris is destroyed."

"how is it that they're in taris, I thought that the planet gets destroyed when you get out if, and you meet Jolie on a different planet right? from what I remember I went to the respectful gang leader, asked to race, fought to save bastilla, and then got hold of the Ebon Hawk and flew away. Then the planet got destroyed, then at some point I met Jolee on a different planet (might have been Kashyyk. So how is he on Taris? Please explain"

"How are you on Taris?"

"How can you be on taris with jolee?"
Someone has eliminated that this couldn’t be Taris:

"what planet is that on?? it looks like Taris, in one of the apartments, but you have Jolee, so it can't be."
Sometimes you try to explain to someone how you do something, but they just don’t listen very well:

[Shem answers how I got Jolee to Taris] "I warped there for fun when I did this scene."
[Someone with a listening skill problem] "Didn't you use the Galaxy Droid glitch?"
[Shem reiterates again] "No, I warped by using the cheat console."
Someone is really confused:

"is it in xbox?? where is it? plz tell meeeeee"
I guess someone never had Bastila and Jolee in their party before:

"Wow Shem, I've never seen this before."
Finally, a voice of reason:

"why cant people think instead of asking shem evrything"

Carth and Jolee Converse
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YouTube Video

This one doesn’t have as much controversy because there isn’t another planet out there besides Taris you could put Jolee on and have people wonder how you did it.

Some women found their true love:

"OMG I loveeeeee Carth"
This one speaks for itself:

"Is this a mod because I never heard this conversation before??"
Some people really make me laugh:

"WTF!?!? Jolee on Dantoine"
Just because someone is talked about in TSL, doesn’t mean they’re in it:

"Wait you can talk to Jolee in KOTOR 2?"
Another humorous query:

"what does BBY mean?.... Back Before Yogert?"

Let’s go back to one of my videos I’ve already covered with an update:

Using the Force Just For Fun
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YouTube Video

I never thought of Bastila this way :

"aha i forgot all about that. bastilla reminds me of mary poppins"
Enjoy the update. Your reactions are awesome!

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