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I dont want to waste too much breath on intel, but in the article above Anandtech states:

With a 2.66GHz Lynnfield and a $100 P55 motherboard you now have the ability to deliver a good quad-core system at around $150 - $200 cheaper than the cheapest Core i7. Price-wise the 2.66GHz Lynnfield would be priced cheaper than today's Core 2 Quad Q9400, and as you'll see Lynnfield is clearly a faster bet.

The 2.80GHz Lynnfield should also be able to outperform the i7-920 without a problem, at a lower total system cost as well.
Doesnt AT think the market prices of i7(and phenom for that matter) will switch to adjust ??

For the gaming market, the GPU upgrade is still the golden nugget people will see most joy from - everyone else will either be getting lower end kit(mom n dad off the shelfers), or have high end professonal systems where pricetags are of secondary concern to performance.


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