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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
I disagree. I think it was an opportunistic slap at poor critical thought.

And I think it *is* necessary to point out that an a priori acceptance of religious superstition over empiricism and scientific observation is just plain silly. If someone wants to publicly post his/her superstitions in a debate forum, he/she should be prepared to defend those superstitions rationally and have the silliness objectified.

That the statement is a "slap at theists" is wrong. Completely and utterly. There are plenty of theists who are also "right thinking" when it comes to science and reality. There is simply no good reason to accept believe the planet was "created" according to the biblical myth or according to any other ancient myth.
If his question had been 6 days vs 4-6 billion years, I'd agree with you. While I think you make some valid points otherwise, I'd say you're wrong about the nature of the potshot.

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