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Originally Posted by edlib View Post

The new Lucasarts games (it feels weird to be typing those words... almost forgot they still make them...)

Specifically: The new Indy game for Wii, and the remake of Monkey Island.

And does this represent LA finally getting a clue, and going back to the types of games that made them great in the first place?
Though it won't go up online until Monday, we did touch on two LucasArts games in Episode 7. I have to confess though, that most of us were not too excited about another Clone Wars game, nor the upcoming Battlefront title for the hand held systems. Though I tried.

We will probably touch on Monkey Island some more once Jeff get's back from E3 as he has seen it first hand.

Also gang, sorry about the delay between episodes. Right now I am trying to recruit some stand bye podcast members, and extra sound editors so we don't have to keep rescheduling due to lack of participation. Summer is a funny month where you have multiple holidays, graduations, conferences, weddings, birthdays...etc. Our staff is pretty dedicated, but we still do this on a voluntary basis for fun, and sometimes often life gets in the way, and it becomes hard to get everyone together. We would have a pretty boring podcast if we just ran with two or three members.

Also, if you don't know already, we intended to put up a special "bloopercast" that we keep promising. Niner and Lynk finished the damn thing, and even though it was hilarious, it was just too damn short in our opinions to keep you guys entertained in between podcasts. We will still deliver this package, but in Jae's words; "we need some more flub ups first!"
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