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Lemme see what I can do here:

"how is it that they're in taris, I thought that the planet gets destroyed when you get out if, and you meet Jolie on a different planet right? from what I remember I went to the respectful gang leader, asked to race, fought to save bastilla, and then got hold of the Ebon Hawk and flew away. Then the planet got destroyed, then at some point I met Jolee on a different planet (might have been Kashyyk. So how is he on Taris? Please explain"
[Mockery]: How is it that this game dare functions in a way that doesn't make sense to me? I don't think I have any sense whatsoever, and it's pretty apparent when I ask quesitons that show I obviously haven't read the description, right? From what I remember there was all this crazy stuff and you fly away. Then the planet was bombarded and you meet the old man (might have been wookiee house), please tell me sine I'm too n00b-ish to be bothered to read a simple video description.[/HK-47]

Originally Posted by Shem
Finally, a voice of reason:
"why cant people think instead of asking shem evrything"
Give this person a golden millennium falcon, a root beer float, and a big sloppy "bushwhacker's kiss", this person wins for intelligent YT commentary of the year.

Originally Posted by Shem
I never thought of Bastila this way :
"aha i forgot all about that. bastilla reminds me of mary poppins"

Uhh, okay? Huhuhuh-huhuh.

Where the F*ck did THAT come from???

Originally Posted by Shem
Another humorous query:
"what does BBY mean?.... Back Before Yogert?"
My reply would be:
Uhuhuhuh-huhuh. It means...uhh, like, you're a dumbass, or something. Uhuhuhuh-huhuhuhuh.
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