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Kreia's Connection to Revan
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YouTube Video

This video’s comments got so out of control that I closed them. I may reopen them later to allow more stupid comments for our entertainment once I get through all my videos, but for now I must put an end to the stupidity. This is one of those times where I can do one video for an update and post a lot of information about it.

This video got more of the Kreia is Bastila comments than any of them out there. I’ll leave those out since I’ve already talked about those in another thread and even updated it recently, but other rumors were posted along with some of the funniest things ever said.

Let’s start with how some people just don’t pay attention. I can only do so much to help people know what planet I filmed this video on. I filmed it on M4-78’s raw modules. The annotations I put on there was a desperate attempt to help cut down the query about what planet this was even though it was answered several times and written in my summary, but it didn’t help. That is what prompted me to close the comments. Here is how many times people asked what planet this was on:

"Seriously, and where are you??? I dont reconize where u r"

"where are u???????"

"where is this taking place???"


"where r u in this video?"

"where the hell is this lvl???? i have never seen it and ive beaten kotor2 like 8 times????"

"what planet are they on?"

"hey i have a question. where is that place that the jedi is talking to kreia about reven?"

"Were IS This??"

"Where is this!?"

"I didnt see this map... where is it???"

"where the heck are yout two at?!!!!"

"where is this?"

"hey, where r u in this video? and how u get that"

"Where is this?"

"where are they ??? WHIch PLaNET!??¿?"

"What planet is that on Ive played the game threw many-a-times and never seen it?"

"Where do this conversation take place?"

"what planet are you on?"

"where is this plz tell me im curios"

"where are you and kreia?"

"What planet is that?"

"where is this? it isn't at koriban, dosuun, peragus etcetera"

"what planet is this how do i get on it?"

"where is this duscution taking place cuz i dont recognize the backgound"

"which planet is this?? I´ve completed the game twice and never seen that place"

"wtf planet is this!"

"where was this??????"

"where exaclty was this taken? I've never seen that background before."

"i know this conversation it's not mode but i dont know what planet is this where are they? someone tell me what planet is this because planeet like this is not in pc version kotor 2"

"here are u in that game it dosent look familar"

"what planet is that?"

"wat world is that??"

"What planet is that?"

"What planet was that? O.o"

"what planet are you on in this?"

"where, i mean, on which planet is this place where they are talking?"

"on which planet the're talking?"

"what planet is this??"

"what's the planet you are on in the vid?"

"what planet is this?"

"what planet is that?!!!"
Having Kreia remove her hood left many people wondering:

"why did she take her hood off"

"How did you get Kreia to get her hood off??"

"wtf!!! kreia in black robes and hood down!!! howdya do it???"

"nice. I've never seen Kreia with her hood down."

"How do you get her to lower her hood like that?"

"How do u get Kreia to pull her hood down???"

"how the hell u take off her hood"

"just asking how do u get kreia's hood off do u make her fall to the dark side or is it a mod"

"someone plz tell meh!!!! how u made her took off her hood?"

"how do u get her hood down? is it a mod? or do u need influence or something?"

"lol how u get her 2 take off hood?"

"how did you get Kreia to take her hood off?"

"How does Kreai take her hood off?"

"how did you make her cloak come of her head"

"Why isn't she wearing her hood?"

"how do you get kriea to take her hood off"

"How did you get Kreia to take off her hood?"
This guy made me laugh. If he really didn’t care, he wouldn’t have said this. Must have been jealous because he couldn’t figure out how to play with mods so he tells me off for doing it:

"What planet is this? M4-78? Mod? Probably is, not how the game is meant to be played, go download more crap. Her hood doesnt come off either."
Some people can read, but can they truly comprehend what they read:

"ok i've read the comments so you can reach this planet on the xbox by getting strong influence with kriea right?"
Where did people get the idea that role playing games were meant to be rushed through:

"wow i have to play this game over again. this time I'll spend more time on developing the characters"
The all confusing influence system strikes again:

"Can you get this convo without moding?"
Kreia is in a gray robe, but that doesn’t mean someone thinks it’s a black/Sith robe:

"how u get kreia in a dark sith robe????"
Little does this guy know that you can get this conversation on the Xbox version as well:

"man how much stuff was left out of KOTOR II, there is so much stuff I have seen here that I would not have seen otherwise, I only played it on the x box"
Someone is convinced this conversation is a mod:

"its a freakin MOD u hear me ITS A [darn] MOD gosh"
Some wonder what species Kreia is:

"is kreia a human?"

"I've always wondered. Is Kriea human?"
Someone really didn’t follow Kreia’s plan very well:

"Kreia [is] weird. What does she want from you!!!???"
Someone thought that the Exile was Revan until watching this video:

"Wait, in KOTOR 1 you were Revan. In KOTOR 2, you're not Revan? WTF? Someone explain."
How can you watch this video and wonder this:

"ok ok one thing i have to get straight is Revan (your char in KOTOR 1) the same char as your char in KOTOR 2 ????"

Maybe this game was only meant for adults:

"this game is kinda confusing hehe"
At least this person isn’t wondering if Bastila is Kreia like many others did:

"is kreia the older bastila"
Another theory that will make you laugh out loud strikes again:

"I speculate that Kreia might infact be Revan's mother. Would this entirily untrue, or thesable?"

"You think Kreia could be Revan's Mother?"
Though I don’t think what planet Revan was born on was revealed, his programmed identity was on Deralia:

"i think Revan was born in Alderaan"
I guess Obsidian released the fake version of TSL:

"does anybody have the REAL Kotor 2?"
Someone thinks this isn’t M4-78:

"i think its Nar Shaddaa or however you spell it"
What video did this guy watch:

"Dude [Kreia] practically telling you you are Darth Revan rewatch it with that in mind"
Oh, please :

"Shem, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of plot twist that the exile is at least somehow related to Revan"
I’m seriously hoping this guy never played K1:

"is kreia in kotor 1"
Would this be considered a step above thinking that Bastila is Kreia:

"HEY!!! maybe Kreia is Belaya ya know juhanis' lover"
The all confusing TSL game made this guy wonder. Maybe we should petition for it to be rated “M” to keep the impatient teens away from it (I know it wouldn't work, but it's the thought that counts):

"Where did Darth Nihilus come from? Is he Revan? ive had KOTOR 2 for 3 years and i can't figure that out"
I’m not going to try to make sense out of that one:

"did u know that in kotor cartoon the exile is a son of revan?"
I would say this is KOTOR II: TSL, right:

"i think this game is really the kotor 3 game"
Paying attention to the dialogue always helps:

"I still dont [know] to this day what kreias true plan is, well was"
I debated on showing this comment, but everybody deserves to have the laugh I got out of it. However, could you please keep your comments to yourself? Just read it, get your laugh out of the way, or go to the toilet and puke if you need to; move on and let us never speak of this again:

"oh god kreia jsut gave me a raging erection"
Just think there is more stupidity coming! I’m still enjoying your reactions!

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