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For those that didnt hear > windows 7 will be going RTM in July, and released to the public on October 22 >>source

Windows 7 RC will still be available until July and will continue to work until March 2010 Im using 7RC on my full time HTPC, and were it not for my massive fondness for the sidebar dock(which is missing in RC1), would happily use it as my fill time OS outside of testing

Now, for some display awesomeness... I started giggling excitedly when I heard NEC were finally releasing their 43" curved monitor, but was a bit let down when I heard it was 2880 x 900 (would have preferred morevertical rez)..and costs $7999 USD on release. Whilst I adore the idea of it, the price and the fact that it isnt at least 1080 vertically makes it something Im unlikely to want to be even if I could afford it I imagine it'd be a delight for Flight Sim fans...

In other news, AMD/ATI fans may be interested to know that Team Red has been showing of some DX 11 kit at Computex. Im not sure why it is as exciting as they are making out, but good to see them forging ahead on something??


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