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"ok i've read the comments so you can reach this planet on the xbox by getting strong influence with kriea right?"

"Wait, in KOTOR 1 you were Revan. In KOTOR 2, you're not Revan? WTF? Someone explain."
Let me put this in a way you can understand: Revan is gone. He left after the events of K1. He ain't coming back.

"I speculate that Kreia might infact be Revan's mother. Would this entirily untrue, or thesable?"
...No. Just no.

"HEY!!! maybe Kreia is Belaya ya know juhanis' lover"
...I don't think so Tim.

"did u know that in kotor cartoon the exile is a son of revan?"
Unless I've missed something...I don't think there is a KOTOR cartoon.

Great finds as always Shem!
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