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Cool Guy Padawan Mods

i work with a lot of mods on my game, they don't conflict or anything, that's not the problem. the problem is that i want to use a padawan mod so i start KoTOR as a jedi. i've tried achillles' mod as well as the one by grif vindh, and then i got one from lil jawa.

none of them really worked for me-i want a mod that does something like what lil jawa's mod does (makes you a jedi using the door trask has to open for you on the endar spire-that way it doesn't conflict with the svosh trask's items mod), but i still want to play dantooine normally-with training and all of that, and lil jawa's mod makes me skip training. i don't really want backstory either, like in achilles' version.

so basically, i want a mod that makes you a jedi from the start, but i don't want it to interfere with the end_trask.utc file, i'm not looking for anything with a backstory, and i don't want to skip anything on dantooine (or anywhere else for that matter) as a result of the mod.

i've tried to find a mod like that, but i don't think one exists, and i don't know enough about modding to change lil jawa's to allow me to proceed through dantooine normally. can anyone help me?
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