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I like Nazareth--cool for people who like 70s rock.
The Metalocalypse cartoon

Soilwork: Rejection Role
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YouTube Video
Note: @ ~1:24 he makes a hand gesture but it is intentionally blackened out area in that area for the purposes of remaining in the PG-13 zone for TV viewing.

Hotwire: Hands on you
(it was on ozzfest 2003 sampler)

I can't link to any of these ones or Jae will stick me with pro-am open tournament darts but these are for those black or death metal days you just feel like thrashing about:
Nothingface: Murder is Masturbation
Cradle of filth--until the lead singer sort of sold out
Cannibal Corpse
Slipknot--used to...not so sure anymore after the band has had problems
Vile Preaching

Mind you I don't actually listen to this for its lyrics or to worship the devil--those days are over and I'm done being a fool on purpose. Not to mention it ain't good when your landlord is *so* scared of you that he can't wait until you leave.

On extremely weird days I listen to ICP

And let us not forget the epic that is rockman (dual meanings pun intended)

MegaManX 1

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