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Guys... the graphic is very very important, its the second thing after story, because you look at all the environments, characters and animations whole game. And its adventure game, and they must have great art!! It must be excellently join together. I know, Telltale makes new episodes...more like MI5, but If you noticed, since MI3 the design of Guybrush was changed three times. The real Guybrush, who everybody knows is only in MI1 and 2. Thats the real Guybrush! The other guys are more like his cartoon comic cousins / Its like, nobody knows, how he supposed to look like, all the designers are running in circle as confused mouse. I know, its low poly and poor looking graphic, because its made for Wiiware (40mb), but then the PC version should look different. If I jump back to Lucasarts new version of MI, that one is really bad. Compare Telltale, they made hand painted backgrounds, but they look WORSE than original game in 1990. So poor, undetailed, smudgy brushy, looking kids kind of drawings. Guys, its year 2009, millions of fans is looking foward to see great remake, with new coat, new animations, very impressive art directions, but what we got? just old scanned images, without any real artist touches, animations arent fluent, Guybrush's hair looks totally weird, he is so skinny, that you cant even see his face, his walking reminds me skiing, all those pirates designs looks like characters from Starwars TV show and I could continue like that ... forever. Thanks god, they havent changed the story! What they improved is couple features in gameplay, then music and voices, but the art is crap! PERIOD George Lucas kick 200 people out, because of the economy crisis...and here is the result. Probably, he though, he will save his company by making legendary game, but they failed even its not finished yet. And look at the Indiana Jones, how long they have been doing that game? Longer than Gears of war 2 ) ... ok, I dont wanna go to far, but ...for me, they failed.
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