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Let me begin with I started with MI 1 back in the 90s so I have been a big fan on MI1 and MI2, however MI3 was my favorite, see screen name. I never felt like the guybrush of MI3 wasnít the same guybrush of 1 and 2. So with that said I donít so much like the guybrush of MI1 special edition but do like the look of him in Tales.

Now here is the doozy I donít care how the special edition looks as long as the story is unchanged and it draws in new fans of the younger generations. See here has been my problem I have introduced MI to dozens of people Ė most younger. I try to start them out with MI1 and MI2 but they loose interest because of the pixels and the interface but most of them really got into MI3. I still swear if they got into the story they would have been hooked. I say give us a talkie version, work on the plotline for the sequels and leave the graphics of the special edition to the judgment of younger fans. The graphics on Tales on the other hand concerns me a little bit but I havenít seen enough of it to judge too harshly yet and I thought they did a good job with Sam and Max and Strongbad. As long as they get the plot right Ill be a happy skull

At first I was more excited about the special edition but I am getting more and more excited about TalesÖand maybe *crosses fingers* a proper appearance by Murray!


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