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Originally Posted by Nemez0r View Post
Yeah but games on consoles can be updated like on the PC... atleast the PS3 can... with an ingame downloader like MGO (metal gear online) which is updated that way... other games are downloaded by the PS3 UI... its just a matter of making identical games for all platforms... cmooooon... other MMOs could do it... The Agency could do it
You end of sacrificing the quality of the game to expand it onto a system it does not need to be on.

If you've got a keyboard, head set, mouse, etc for a ps3 then I'm going to have to point out that you may be doing it wrong. The PS3 is not a PC, and should not be treated as such. Just because the MMO's can be expanded into them does not mean they should, and communication problems, lag, engineering problems, etc all end up costing the company more.

If some companies want to try them out, let them try. I doubt it will be the success they want it to be, and the server cost as well as the in-game communication problem between PC players and PS3 players may be more trouble than most are willing to go through.

Cross platform is a new concept and has so far been implemented fairly poorly. To all of a sudden throw it into every MMO is foolhardy, and I hope Bioware realizes this. They are already spending a ton of money trying to get the game created and pay Voice Actor's to pump out hundreds of thousands of lines so to add something as trivial and rewardless as a console cross platform adaptation would be financial and player-base suicide.

Again, I'm not entirely sure when the PS3 got it into it's head that it was a PC but it should be focusing on trying to get actual games onto its console than give more excuses to keep the price tag so high for so long. I do not know why they are doing cross platform, or why people want cross platform but until proven wrong I am of the opinion that MMO's on the consoles is a dead end.

But, if the PS3 wants to be a PC it can go ahead and try. I'll put my money on it failing to be a PC just as hard as it failed to be a Blu-Ray player and, in the end, a video game console.

I'll point out I watched DC Online played on the PS3 at E3, and it was using the default controller with a custom interface for that controller. Between the PC and PS3 versions, the PC's mouse had an advantage over the controller. While you can buy separate computer stuff for your PS3, it has been optimized differently and, again, if you are getting computer stuff for your PS3... you are PC gaming incorrectly. No offense to you, but that is just my opinion of the PS3 for now.

It would particularly bug me when a console player joined my PC party and did not have a keyboard to talk or anything, just a controller. He would effectively be mute, making him a hindrance to the party in general and I'd probably kick him in favor of a PC player even if he was a better player. Communication is key, and I prefer people work a keyboard, mouse, and an optional high quality mic at all times, all of which the PS3 is lacking unless expensive specialty items are bought which would, in the end, most likely buy you a PC capable of running the game fine, if not better.
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