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One of the things that I’ve come across with many YouTubers is that I can’t say “TSL” to them because a good number of them don’t know what that means. I have to say KOTOR II to make sure they understand what I say. When I get to any of those videos, I'll make sure to mention that.

Anyway, let’s update. This next one had enough content to do just one video update.

Showing Calo Nord the True Power of the Dark Side
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YouTube Video

Let’s just say I had the best interests of the ignorant YouTubers in mind when setting this video up. I changed one line of dialogue you can choose to kill Calo Nord:

"You don't know the POWER of the DARK SIDE! I shall enjoy killing you slowly!"
Then I used Lit Ridl’s Multi-Force Kill to take out Calo and his thugs to see what kind of reactions I would get. Here are some memorable ones.

An Obi-Wan fan chimes in:

"hmm ok for a Sith. If i were a jedi would have used mind trick like Obi Wan"
You can only do so much to lead people to the answer of what Force Power I used in that video:

"What was that power that you used to slaughter those people?"

"whats that forcepower?"

"also whered u get the kool multi force choke?"

"How in the world can you get powers like that? Its gotta be a mod, right?"
I love watching people freak out. That was the whole reason for creating the video the way I did:


"what is that force power? Super Force Choke?"

"sweet mother of god!"

"You managed to kill Nord in the space of 18 seconds. I counted, lol."

"lol take that [w]itch"

"they got [freaking] OWNED"

"Holy crap, Note to self: don't [tick] [off] Revan"

"I never thought a turn based battle could look that cool."

"holy [crap] if revan, star wars and stuff was reall i wud be like so scared of revan"

"[fudge] he raped him"

"[Crap]...Note to self, watch out for Revan."

"Holy [crap] [gosh darn] hes strong!!!!!!!!!!1"

"Note to self- whenever getting too close to revan run away (really far)"

"HOLLLLLYYY CRRRAAAAPPPP!!!!!!! O_O ownnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeddddddd so bad"

"[Freak]ing own3d"


"Holy Crap!!!! You sure gave them no mercy."


"I.... um....just Wow"

"Now Thats power."

"Ouch...pwnd sooooo badly"

"OMG! I kicked there butt but not that fast!"

"Holy [crap]!!! that was fast man!!! I always play the light side in the game, but dang man!! I guess the dark side is as powerful as they say it is"

"holy crap how did u do that?"

"HOLY!!!!!!! ROBES!!!!!!!!"

"haha u make it look so easy"

"Man that power was ****in awesome. It was like a multichoke"

"how the hell did you get so powerful?"
Some people like what I do:


"Shem is the man!"
Some people don’t:

"He's a modded up loser.. with no life"
The redundant query of where to get Revan’s robes that I expected :

"Can you get revans robes outside of the starforge ?"

"now how do you get all the stuff like Darth Revan's robes and stuff like that?"

"how u get that robe"

"uhh howd u get those armor for revan and calo?"

"howd you get revans robes."

"how did u get all that stuff?????"

"how did you get the darth revan clothing and mask???"

"how u get revans armor..."

"can some1 pls tell me how to get revan's armour thanks!"

"where u get that awesome robe?"

"is there any way to get revans cloak without cheats or modding?"

"How do you get the revan suit!?"

"how do you get darth reavens robes"
Not only do many people lack intelligence who watch my videos, they created their Revan in their image:

"Actually, on the star forge, if you're dark side, you can get the cloak for 40 or 50 computer spikes."
Only one person asked this. I was expecting more queries:

"How did you get that new dialog option?"
Ah, the Calo Nord hate:

"calo nord's a [dork]"

"calo nord sounds a lot like calo nerd"

"colo nord he sucks wants i tried to be nice but he was asking for it dude"

"I hate calo nord lol"

"Calo Nord you little man, you deserved it.. with those stupid goggles XDD"

"Calo is a midget"

"I hated Calo Nord!!!"
No worries, Calo got a little love:

"Shut up Calo Nord is great."

Then someone was insulted how I killed the bounty hunter and someone else agreed:

"What I do have a problem with is people dissing one of the greatest bounty hunters of all time. At least in terms of style and greatness."

"Ya especially when the user has to cheat to 'own' him."
Someone pretends they hate cheats (or mods):

"what i hate most about a Game is Cheats"
I like this person’s response to the complaints about my “cheating”:

"look at all the complainers"
YouTube’s new Sherlock Holmes:

"you gripped them all at the same time, that's not an original force power on KOTOR, that's blatently a mod."
Some got the illusion I have a no clipping Revan robe model:

"JediShemL, please could you tell me which mod are you using for Darth Revan's robe? I tried out all of them from filefront and they have a terrible clipping that is absent from your video."

"Wow no clipping cape just stiff"
Did it ever occur to this guy that Revan and Vader lived about 4000 years apart:

"Vader and Revan BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!"
Some not familiar with the turbo cheat:

"why is Revan running so fast?"

"Dude u ran [freak]ing fast"
Another rises to claim his title as the next Sherlock Holmes:

"i know that cheat its called turbo!"
Then another makes a discovering and takes the title of Sherlock:

"Oh, and has anyone else noticed [Calo’s] about 4 ft. tall? reply"
Where do people come to these weird conclusions:

"did u use Action Replay?"
This is funny. First the guy has no clue that Calo Nord and Darth Bandon come at a set location at four different planets based on the order you visit them, then lies to me when I told him why he only sees Calo Nord on Kashyyyk:

[Guy with no clue] "No matter what I do, I always end up fighting Calo on Kahysykk, how do you end up fighting him on Tatooine?"
[Shem response] "That's because you are set in a routine, which is not something to get in at first when playing a game with choices.You always pick Kashyyyk first when you depart Dantooine is why you always face Calo on Kashyyyk. If you had once picked any of the other planets first, Calo would have been there instead."
[Guy with no clue lies] "I don't do this, and sometimes I leave Kashykk last because it's the most boring planet, it's random and he's always on kashykk. Maybe there is something else i'm missing."
Another strange query:

"can anyone tell me why calo wears those goggles???"
Even RedHawke and his mods can’t escape without notice :

"Is the redhawk site that hosts kotor mods any good?"

"wat planet is that"
At least this next person knew what planet it was:

"how do you play as revan on tatooine?"
It’s been a while since I have reported this query, but someone again never tried playing as a Jedi Guardian, or never tried to hit the default attack from a reasonable distance:

"whats that jump move to get his first kill, the one where he leaps then slices"
Someone is disagreeing out of the blue to remind you that I did it wrong:

"Fail. Force lightning is much more effective."
This next person failed at his audition in becoming the next Sherlock Holmes of YouTube:

"It must be a very high level then if you can force choke more than one target at a time with the use of one power.... unless I missed something here and thats just the way the video went."
Try to figure this out one:

"hmm calos voice sounds diffrent in tht vid, can some shine a light on me pls?"
I totally overlooked this, but when making this video, I created an oxymoron and was called on it. Whoops :

"i find it funny that you SAID you'd kill him *slowly* but thats the fastest nord takedown I've seen."
Enjoy the update. I know I keep saying this, but I do love reading your reactions so keep them up!

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