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Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
sorry about that. i guess most sites aren't seeing this as big news. link here

unfortunately, no benchies just yet. still 34% performance gain by just adding two cores (assuming that AMD isn't fudging the numbers)?? apply that to the PII lineup, and you've got a chip that will go toe-to-toe with the current i7's. there's no way you can convince me otherwise that AMD isn't going to put 6-core Phenoms in the fast lane with that kind of performance.
One would think so. If the new Opterons are shipping then I guess the question is how long before AMD updates the Phenom? I don't know if I can bear waiting much past September to upgrade my PC. I want to be ready to play Alpha Protocol on an upgraded rig by October.

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
For those that didnt hear > windows 7 will be going RTM in July, and released to the public on October 22 >>source

Windows 7 RC will still be available until July and will continue to work until March 2010 Im using 7RC on my full time HTPC, and were it not for my massive fondness for the sidebar dock(which is missing in RC1), would happily use it as my fill time OS outside of testing
Been paying attention to E3 news instead of tech news for the past couple of weeks so I hadn't heard but October 22 is earlier than what I originally expected. So what version of Windows 7 do you plan on using for your HTPC once you get a production copy?

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