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Andros nodded and moved his hands to disable the turrets. "There at least our ships won't be targeted. We need to make our way back to the prisoner level. From there we can rig up and explosive or use lightsabers to take down the door."


Tonatius growled in frustration until it came out as a roar. He took a deep breath and said, "You're right. We can look for a fight." HE began to follow everyone to the main gate.

Jun-la was leading with Reyvan until the smoke cleared and a figure came through. It was Karaka with his blades drawn. He looked up with a gleam of pleasure in his eyes that accentuated his demonic eyes. She stood there for a moment and then said, "I'll handle this. Split up and take the long way around."

Matton was not going to let her battle that creature alone again so he made up his mind to stay. He said to Kalla and Andros, "You two stay together with Andorra and Tonatius ok?"

At that moment, Riyusaan appeared in a flash of lightning. He stood there with his staff and said to Jun-la, "This battle is not yours. You must make your way into the fortress. A greater evil requires your help." At that moment, Ken-Lui came up and stood with Riyusaan. Riyusaan then added, "We will fight this battle. Go!"

Jun-la nodded and said, "Alright Reyvan, you take your team through the back. We're bound to come upon Master Komad and Starlighter at one point."

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