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Teishi had explained everything to Naruto; the Ogawa's existence for the past millunium, and why he could not find the organisation within his records. He further explained the situation with the Ten-Tailed Bijuu and the Arashi.

"We have known the Arashi for the past 80 years. They only ever attacked once, until now. Yes, they are an organisation of environmentalists, but their intentions run deeper than that. They believe that only by destroying the human race will they be able to restore the eco system on Earth; with the help of the ten-tailed Bijuu."

"Eh... atleast their heart seems to be in the right place." Naruto remarked. Teishi ignored him and continued.

"Its more accurate to describe the Arashi as a cult. Our sources tell us they hold a secret underground base, but we dont know where. Thats the problem. We do have a lead, however."

Teishi pulled out a document from within his robe, and threw it on Naruto's desk. "His name is Mikita Ryuu; he's an escaped prisoner of the Arashi stronghold. He is the only we know who escaped the stronghold, infact."

Tategami picked up the document from the unwillingful Naruto. He flicked through the profile pictures and details. "So if we find this man, he may be able to lead us back to the Arashi's wherabouts?"

"Precisely. According to out sources, he's taken taken up residency in an apartment complex at Amegakure, the Village Hidden in the Rain."

"We all know what has to be done then. Tategami, I want you to assemble a team to Amegakure to find and locate Mikita. Volunteers are welcome to join your team, but not too many. Though we may need to protect Mikita, you second main priority is to remain inconspicuous, incase the Arashi so happen to be in the same village."

"By your orders, Naruto-san. We'll rest first and leave in three days" Tategami bowed. And left the office, and found Takeda stting on the chair. "I may find some use for you..."
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