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Reyvan then led his team into the fortress, along with a few Guardsmen providing cover from behind. Getting past the now-ruined main gate was simple enough, but there were also several smaller security doors blocking their path. At each one, Kalla activated her lightsaber and drove it through the terminal, forcing them open. "This place is huge; we need to find a way to quickly navigate through it." She commented.

As Greea deactivated the autoturrets, Komad sent a message to the Republic Star Destroyers. "This is Jedi Master Komad Kaltas requesting an ATT at my location. We have non-hostile civilian personnel requiring immediate extraction." He sent out. "We need to get moving, and get to the governor." He said to Greea and Andros. Then, a familiar dark presence filled his thoughts. "Virul is close." He added.

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