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Originally Posted by Nemez0r View Post
I found that buying a PS3 would be cheaper than upgrading my PC to a high-end machine... but i dont have the money... Im a PC gamer too... i play ALOT on my PC... but i simply would like to see this particular game played on my TV... from my couch with a nice wireless keyboard. core gamers like urself are afraid of consoles... i get it
Then do a setup (Implies a modern TV set) where you have the computer hooked up to your TV and change inputs. Should be cheapest and tons less hassle.

Also...while I won't tell you to go on a buying spree of all those upgrade parts for your current computer... I am told that you could (if you're thrifty and resourceful--AND do all your own homework on the issue) build pretty sweet a custom gaming computer--and I'm told spend no more that 1.5K at the most.

But I do hear ya on the part about unable to afford it--I have good credit and I can't even afford it. (Where would I make room for it all anyway? *looks at clutter building up in my room*) Only do stuff like this if it's in the cards and it's your passion. Sure I could spend all that $$$ on credit, but TBH, I won't DIE if I can't play TOR. Besides, I pretty much know how it all is going to end eventually for canon purposes anyway.

I imagine this will spawn a few future stories in the SW continuity timeline; some baddies must inevitably always slip through the cracks.
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