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Well, the smuggler class probably is that scout class.

GS: We also understand that this profession will be highly skilled at reconnaissance. What are some of the scouting skills and abilities that smugglers will have at their disposal?

Damion Schubert: In the battlefield, the smuggler's skills allow him to find cover spots overlooked by others. The smuggler is also very good at moving around unseen and can use the element of surprise to deadly effects.;story;2
I've heard people wondering what "class" the Twi'lek companion in the Deceived cinematic could have been. Although I usually don't entertain the idea of going in too deep with cinematics, dissecting them into game terms, I find it kind of interesting still. Particularly by the short scene where the Twi'lek is shooting dual blasters. I mean, this character seems quite independent of its Sith master that I probably could imagine some kind of purpose with this. Besides, the Bounty Hunter is knows.

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