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New Character time!

Name: Dai Segira

Age: 17

Rank: Chunin

Appearance: Dai has blue/black hair and has blue eyes. He usually wears the traditional Konoha jacket over a black shirt.

Personality: Dai has a very firm personality when it comes to others due to his own experiences. He does however...have a weakness for Kunoichi(Female Ninja.)

Weapons/Equipment: Shuriken, Kunai and flash bombs, and various Poisons that he gets from Shizune most of the time.

Nature Type: Lightning/Medical


Lightning based.

-Lightning Palm jutsu (The user infuses his palm with minor charges of lightning to shock an opponet.)
-Lightning Destruction (Uses up a massive amout of Chakra. Only to be used in emergencies.)
-Lightning Release: Lightning Pulse. (Sends a massive pulse of electric chakra through a body of water to strike a target.)

Medical Jutsu

- Mystical palm technique (Junior rank.)
- Prepared Needle Shot(Junior rank, also learned from Shizune.)
- Chakra Scalpel (Once again...Junior Rank.)
- Poison Release: Poison Mist technique (He learned it from Shizune.) (Dai converts some of his chakra into a poisonous gas that he expells at his foe when he is at close range.

Background: Dai went to the academy same as any other student, recieved average grades and graduated with all the others. He was put on Team six(A new team, not important to the story.) with two other students and a recently promoted Jonin.

For their first mission, the team was assigned to infiltrate a Crime syndicate operating out of the Village Hidden in the Waves. However, the team was ambushed and the entire team with the exception of Dai was wiped out by rouge shinobi who the Crime syndicate had hired as protection. Dai was badly wounded and barely made it back to village alive.

Following a long recovery, Dai fell into a depression after seeing his team wiped out. Rock Lee, the leader of team Lee, saw that he was depressed and was in danger of becoming suicidal so he picked Dai to join his new team. Dai was reluctent to join.

Lee worked Dai hard. He made Dai run lap after lap around the village and made his do various physical activities at all times of the day.(and night) Dai didn't realize at the time that this was to keep him from falling further into his depression and was angry at Lee.

Finally, Dai learned why his new Sensai was pushing him so hard and he learned to apprectiate what he had been given. He was now much stronger, much faster, and his will was much greater.

Thanks to the training of his sensai, Dai was able to help the new Team Lee complete many missions and he was able to easily pass the chunin exams. After the exams, he began to train as a medical nin so that he would never have to watch his teammates die in front of him again.

Interests: he enjoys sparring with his sensai in his free time, he works at the hospital when he is needed, and in hisspar time...he peeps.

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