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Karela happily gulped down the Ramen and set the empty bowl next to the remains of the dango.

Ahhh...that was good.

Karela was licking her fingertips when the nurse came back with a worried expression on her face.

"Karela. I have some bad news...we took some samples of your blood and skin before you started eating and we've found a problem that could be very bad. Possibly fatal."

Without waiting for karela to respond, the nurse turned on a computer in the corner of the room and inserted a CD into the drive.

"This..." she said pointing at a group of cells on the right side of the screen. "Are what normal cells look like. These samples were taken from you during your last exam a few years ago, before the chunin exams." The nurse typed in an unseen command and another side of the screen appeared on the monitor. " what your cells look like now."

Karela simply stared at the screen. The cells were an ugly redish black color and were inflated in size. They looked swollen.

"The only thing we can think of is that you've been relying on your Bijuu's Chakra too much. You're body can't take all the stress it's chakra is putting on you. And with the injuries you took on your last mission...We think that the only way to save to release the seal containing the Bijuu's Yang chakra."

"No...there's no way I'm going to let that happen. She's bad enough already! Do you know what will happen if she takes all that new chakra into her system?!"

"Yes...I'm sorry Karela. But in a way, this was decided a long time ago. In the event that this sort of thing were to ever happen to a Jinchūriki, the Hokage has ordered that the Bijuu be removed without killing the host at all costs. In your means releasing both seals and letting it go. I"m sorry...but this has to be done."

The nurse made a series of handseals and Karela attempted to get out of the bed.

"Poison release: Sleep inducing mist."

Karela slumped back to the bed and the door behind the nurse slid open. Three doctors and two ANBU members stood behind the nurse.

"Bring her to the extraction room. We need to begin immediatly. And inform her Sensai what has happend."
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