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Originally Posted by achilles
Hey, DE, wouldn't the part that you quoted be false dichotomy?

Even if we were to find some supporting evidence for "Noah's flood", that isn't exactly evidence for god. It's evidence for a world-wide flood. Such evidence would similarly confirm dozens if not hundreds of other myths and act as "evidence" for those related deities as well.
Nope. The statement isn't about whether a flood took place or not. It's about whether the literal biblical account re such a calamity is true. The literal biblical account has God telling Noah to build the ark and by what dimensions. If there is no diety, then the literal biblical account would be a different story altogether (likely nonexistent). Even if you found a ship approximating the dimensions in that account, it would be tenuous proof at best that the Ark story was true. More like that someone built a huge ship 5-6000 yrs ago for reasons not totally clear. This really isn't rocket science, guys.

The impracticality of Noah's Ark doesn't mean the non-existence of God, but the non-existence of God would render the whole account of Noah's Ark (if one wanted to be a biblical literalist) as fanciful as you claim.

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