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^^^Now THAT's Funny.

Hey, Shem, Hope ya don't mind my picking out something just now that made me :

The conversations some people have, I tell ya... This was over the Bastilla holograms if you chose Revan as a DS male. From video page

Originally Posted by Some Y.T.'er
O_o is it just me, or does Bastila have a milk mustache?:S
Replies ensue:
Originally Posted by Shem
Did it ever occur to you that Bastila doesn't have a milk mustache, but it is a graphic issue with the game itself?
To that replies
Originally Posted by Another Y.T.'er
It's still funny, even more if unintentional.
To that, replies
Originally Posted by Another Y.T.'er (still)
It's a common misconception that that is a milk mustache or a graphical error. It's a Dirty Sanchez Dark Side Revan left behind to mark his woman and since it's the last thing Bastila got to remember him of she didn't wash it off. Only DS Revan leaves a Dirty Sanchez behind. The Light Side Revan doesn't.
All I can say to this is What The F***?!
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