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I've found a quite curious bug i had installed Bos:Sr plus put all of Redhawkes mods in my override and in KSE there are four items labelled Mandalorian battle armor, one is the normal blue, 2 are the normal battle armour just red and yellow but the last is a robe! without the Redhawke mods its just metalic silver but curiously with them its Invisible! all that can be seen is the characters head and a weapon if your carrying one!
Plus Drix is now a fully robed and masked Darth Revan like my avatar
The items you found (Including the invisible robe thing) in KSE aren't bugged, and are like that for a reason.

Also I'm guessing your having problems with character's appearances because you've installed another mod that doesn't use TSLPatcher after installing BoS:SR. And so it's 2DA's have been overridden.
yep you were right the silver robe is back and Drix isnt Darth Revan anymore plus i must say BRILLIANT ROBE! ive actually decided to nickname it the Silveredge9 Robe (as its silver obviously)

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