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It’s funny to think about sometimes. Without soooooooo many people making such bizarre comments on my videos at YouTube, this thread wouldn’t exist. So here’s to the YouTubers who make all these laughs possible.

Dark Side Celebration
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YouTube Video

Here is someone’s explanation on how the dark side is good and the light side is evil:

"will you support republics of aliens ? republican zealot.empire is not evil,empire is a regime!. not everyone fear the dark side and the empire like you do, from my point of view,the corrupt, hypocrite and liberal republic is evil!. always the weaker rebels republic prevails ?. so how do you explain that republic always lose to number imperialist and some genius leaders. empire brings true order for long, republic always fail, but rebels sometimes succeed. all kind of rebels that unestimate."
One has to wonder what sets this Revan robe mod apart from others? Well, someone thinks so:

"Which Mod did you use to get Revan's mask back for this vid? I've seen some but none of them were as good as this one."
One of my favorite types of queries are those who like to state how many times they have played through the game:

"How do you get this armor? I mean both for bastila and revan,I finished the game like 5 times and never got it"
Here is someone who is claiming he read the comments on how to get full robes, but still can’t comprehend it:

"How did you get the full body revan's robes including mask and before you ask i read the other one and it made no cence"
It almost sounds like gamer is asking where the Robes are before he’s ever played the game:

"how do u get the robes. i want 2 try the game but im just asking"
And here are the redundant questions about Revan’s robes without any thought to read the comments as if they’re the only ones who have wondered this. Some people really think they’re unique with their questions as I have found out in some of my YouTube videos:

"where do u get his clothes"

"Where do you get the mask and outfit?"

"This is totally awesome! Tell me something please, is it possible to as well play with Revan and his full robes?"

"how did you get the darth revan armor? plz reply"

"where did you find Revan's dark lord suit?"
Questions like this bother me, especially since the gamer seems to be ignorant that Google exists:

"I am new to these mod things. Where do you get them? Are they downloadable over the internet? Which one did you use?"
Try to make sense out of this one:

"Okay, so I hafta know how you got this ending WITH a mask on. I know you can get Revan's robes on the Star Forge, but not the mask. Mod? [Man], I just re-read all this... SUCH a dork."
Memo to this gamer – You can redeem Bastila:

"Better Bastilla as a dark [w]itch than Bastilla dead, what is the gratification when you deside to be a yedi."
Run that by me again:

"I think [Bastila]´s killed by Malak when you decide to follow the light ??"
A Vader discussion developed on this video and this person doesn’t quite understand what happened:

"That does not make Vader more powerful. His MOTHER created him out of medichlorians and should've been a Jedi."
This guy is just messed up:

"vader dissapoint me when he returned to the light side.. "
Someone heard about the animated cape issues with Revan’s robes which has reminded me that it has been over a year since SithSpecter said he was going to do that project. Anyway, let’s not start that discussion here:

"why are there so many problems to animate the cape of the revan robe??? the cape isn't animated but why??? pls tell me"
I have no idea how someone who has played the game not know where this was:

"what planet is that? an yes i know that this is the dark side ending"
Bizarre statement:

"I always thought Revan would be taller. But it seems I'm taller than him. AND I'M 13!!!"
To me Revan is whoever you want Revan to be. Then there are some who ask anyway:

"Let us make this clear once and for all. Is Revan a male or a female..?"
Here is someone who claims to know what happens in KOTOR III. What’s bizarre is that there are people out there making up KOTOR III info and people actually believe it as many users have come in out of the blue and decided to post these “so called” KOTOR III facts to mess with the gullible:

"because in kotor 3, you choose to join revan with the sith, join the exile and destory the sith, or join malak's apprentice."
This makes me laugh :

"almost all of Revan's followers are droids..."

Revan Unmasked [Humor]
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YouTube Video

Before I did this video, I had made PotD with this idea for FileFront. Then I decided to make the humorous idea I had into a video instead. The inspiration came to make this into a video right after I made the dark side ending video in KOTOR.

Some funny and under aged Revan jokes worth mentioning:

"Wouldn't be agianst the law that Bastilla pleged to be his lover?"

"so i guess bastila is his [guardian]"

"Rofl, it looks like Ron Weasly from Harry Potter."


"it would be funny if bastila held him up in the air. then it would look like the lion king!"

"Well, Bastila's going to have a small loverboy"

"Shouldn't you be potty-trained if you're gonna rule the galaxy?"

"Someone get Darth Revan a stool so he can look over his minions!!!"

"Mighty Lord Revan can take a galaxy by storm but can't reach the counter"

"he could destroy the galaxy and can't even order Juma Juice yet ... how Revan has to suffer lol"

"revan a kid who can rule the galaxy but isnt old enough to have sex now playing in a theater near you!"

"lol, makes bastila look like a pedophile."

"Dooie (malcolm in the middle) has taken over the sith!!!"

"Wow...not only does a bratty ten year old the Dark Lord of the Sith, Bastila is a pedophile! Ha ha!"

"first order 'bring me candy!'"

"OMG!!! its little anaken!!"

"Umm... does he need a stool?"

"what the hell?????"

"I hope he's potty trained, or else there will be and enormous disturbance in the force or at least his underwear!"

"Are you kidding? There's nothing scarier than an anti-social child prodigy."

"Wonder what would be of Bastila now that her lover is a kid."

"come to the darkside.. we have cookies"

"Bastila is a little boy hunter! Run!"

"If Revan is a kid. . . And Bastila has feel- On second thought I'm not going there."

"bastila is a pev"
Someone thought that I should have made Bastila a child too:

"Make bastila child too"
I thought it was obvious that I used the little boy model, but to someone it wasn’t:

"revans a little girl now"
Here’s to the confused:

"Is that sposed to be Anakin?"

"Is that...kid Anakin?"
This line makes me laugh because it is the most famous comment on FileFront PotD’s, even when the joke behind the picture is pretty obvious, you get some slow minded individuals. Anyway, here is that quote:

"uh... I dont get it?"

This was by someone who either visits or has in the past visits Holowan Labs. I guess it never occurred to this person that I made a personal mod just for the sake of this video:

"could I ask what mod this is? Or at least if you got this from holowan labs, uppercity emporium, etc."
One has to wonder how you could miss the little boy model seen in KOTOR:

"were did u get that charater from"
Someone saw the little boy model, but is really confused here:

"Huh???? I thought that kid got killed during the bombing of Taris. I guess he survived and managed to become the Sith Lord! Lol"
This guy is really confused:

"omfg he is just a kid and to think anuyone here could rule the sith also what game is this please respond"
The stowaway was a little girl, but anyway:

"Isnt that the stowaway?"
Confusion at its best:

"so thats kotor 3"
Strange query:

"Why'd they make Malak so tall?"
I could have sworn that I put the word HUMOR in the title in case it may confuse some, but there is only so much you can do for some people out there:

"is darth revan a kid ???"

"So this Dark Lord of the Sith is only a little boy?!!!!"
What would make this person think I would want to help them or give them the time of day:

"1...that was [crap] wasnt did you do that? lol"
This is my favorite comment of the video to counteract the child Revan:

"yes but the republic have a secret weapon,.....MICHEAL JACKSON!!"
Enjoy this update. Looking forward to reading your reactions!

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