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"how do u get the robes. i want 2 try the game but im just asking"

"Okay, so I hafta know how you got this ending WITH a mask on. I know you can get Revan's robes on the Star Forge, but not the mask. Mod? [Man], I just re-read all this... SUCH a dork."

"so thats kotor 3"
Of course it is!

And my favourite:
"uh... I dont get it?"

Bink's Sake

"I've barely eaten anything for many decades now. It feels like my stomach shriveled into my back........though i don't have a stomach or back because i'm a skeleton! Yohohohoho! SKULL JOKE!"

"My eyes have never seen such a pretty woman! But i'm a skeleton so my eyes don't see much."
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