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"I always thought Revan would be taller. But it seems I'm taller than him. AND I'M 13!!!"
I should certainly hope so, seeing he's a little computer character whose height depends on your computer screen...

"almost all of Revan's followers are droids..."
Wow. An amazing lack of observational skills at work here.

Here is someone who claims to know what happens in KOTOR III. What’s bizarre is that there are people out there making up KOTOR III info and people actually believe it as many users have come in out of the blue and decided to post these “so called” KOTOR III facts to mess with the gullible:

"because in kotor 3, you choose to join revan with the sith, join the exile and destory the sith, or join malak's apprentice."
Random delusions are always funny!

Another great update Shem! Seems YouTube has an endles supply of random, mad hilarity!

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