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Riyusaan watched as the Avalonians and their friends heeded his advice. He turned to face Karaka who managed to gather a horde of his hordesmen. He said, "You hellbeast have violated our laws one too many times."

Karaka growled, "And you are weak!"

"Not without friends," Ken-Lui entered. He was followed by Li Shang, Son-ja, Katarina, Joji Chan and Ja-xor. They stood ready to face the hordesmen.

Karaka replied, "So this is what it has come to thunder sentou? Standing in the way of what could be ours?"

Riyusaan replied, "Standing up against beasts that taint the realms where they don't belong is our cause. You do not belong here."

"I have every right!"

"Not in this realm."

Karaka let out a roar and his hordesmen raced forward, their blades drawn to attack. Riyusaan stood there as they came while his warriors rushed forward. Ken-Lui reached for his hat and in a fluid motion threw it at a hordesman where it decapitated the creature before returning to him. The others launched themselves at the enemy with a sounding crash.


"A maze it is but the path is clear," Tonatius replied in his strange manner. Having gotten his initial rage under control, he was determined to protect his cousin. He motioned for Kalla to not smash the panels. Running his hands along it, he pushed a button that revealed a series of camera views. In one there was Jun-la, Tulre and Matton running down a corridor, another there were members of the enemy, hordemen and decrepit looking creatures that Tonatius recognized instantly. "Rashikians. So there is a union between the realms."

In one frame, the sudden appearance of Masters Greea, Komad and Andros brought some relief. Tonatius looked at Kalla and said, "Try to find someway to contact them while I try to bring up a schematic. Maybe we can guide our parties."


Andros nodded at Komad and looked at the panel. Written in ancient Avalonian he read it. He pointed to behind Komad and said, "We go that way."

"How do you know?" Greea asked.

Andros pointed at the panel and ran his fingers while speaking the words. He then said, "Basically: This way to the detention area." It was actually pointing which way to go. "Mother taught me the ancient language." He was referring to his long dead mother who had gone to join her husband on the White Road or as the Jedi say become one with the Force.

Andros said nothing more and took the lead through the passages. stopping often to read and make sure they were heading in the right direction.


Tyrannus was watching on the viewscreen with amusement. He commented, "You know Virul, I never doubted that the bastard taint would make it here. Still perhaps you better find a way to activate those traps you are fond of using." His voice held a faint mockery of Virul's methods used against enemies.

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