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Shem, I have to say: Thank you so much for posting these comments! Just reading this stuff makes my day.

"lol take that [w]itch"

"they got [freaking] OWNED"

"holy [crap] if revan, star wars and stuff was reall i wud be like so scared of revan"

"[fudge] he raped him"

"Holy [crap] [gosh darn] hes strong!!!!!!!!!!1"

"HOLLLLLYYY CRRRAAAAPPPP!!!!!!! O_O ownnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeddddddd so bad"

"[Freak]ing own3d"



"Ouch...pwnd sooooo badly"
**** man, reven so gangsta he pwns all n00bs an all bases belongz to reven an calos revens ***ch, so **** on thatz all u ***ches!!!1!

As you can see, Internet syntax patterns are so easily to replicate when you focus so hard on sounding as incomprehensible as possible.

"Vader and Revan BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!"
Hold on, let me fix this:

vadr an reven bffs 4evr!!!1!
There, so much better.

"will you support republics of aliens ? republican zealot.empire is not evil,empire is a regime!. not everyone fear the dark side and the empire like you do, from my point of view,the corrupt, hypocrite and liberal republic is evil!. always the weaker rebels republic prevails ?. so how do you explain that republic always lose to number imperialist and some genius leaders. empire brings true order for long, republic always fail, but rebels sometimes succeed. all kind of rebels that unestimate."
Ironically if you correct all the grammar and spelling errors this does make you wonder why the good guys (minus the uberhero of DOOM!!1!(TM) who saves everyone at the last minute) always suck in Star Wars so badly. The Prequels practically made me cheer for the Empire, and that should not be happening.

"so thats kotor 3"
Dude KOTOR3 was so ****ing awesome! You had custom lightsabers and robes, no low poly models, widescreen graphics, and an animated cape for Revan. It was so INTENSE!!!

"uh... I dont get it?"

As of 3/14/10, TSL is restored. The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification by Stoney and Zbyl has been finished and can be downloaded here.

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