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Originally Posted by Ma ping View Post
Very true, but we do know that the Exile needed three people to kill one Sith Lord, and since Anakin/Vader was able to take on eight Jedi during the Purge and defeats them almost single-handedly, I'd say the Exile would get pwned any day by the Chosen One.
The Exile need three people to take on a fellow Force Vampire. Imagine fighting someone who is practically a Force mirror of yourself. The fight would never end. But the Exile single-handedly held her ground against Darth Sion and crushed his will to live. The Exile also took on Darth Traya, who continued to fight after loosing both her hands. The exile also fought her way through the Jekk'Jekk Tar on Nar Shaddaa, survived the planet of Malachor and the Trayus academy, made it through the tomb of Ludo Kressh, survived Peragus, etc, etc, etc...
Need I continue?

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