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You guys are great. Love the reactions. Made me want do another update!

HK-47 Meets G0-T0
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YouTube Video

Well, it jogged someone’s memory:

"OMG I remeber this!!! Made me laugh cuz of wat he said."
Is this an HK-47 type observation:

"He is kinda fat."
Paying attention to the dialogue and speaking to your party members always helps:

"If Revan made HK-47;unless HK-47 came in a box what is the connection bewteen HK-47 anf GO-TO"
Again, pay attention to the dialogue and comprehend it:

"I have no idea what they're arguing over, but I watch it almost daily just for laughs!"
Random off-topic query after commenting about HK-47:

"'What do you wish fat one' lol, does any one know how do get mical on my team lol?"
What the heck, another off-topic query. Makes me think if you met a guy named Will and another guy named Bill, you wonder if they’re the same person since it could be short for William, Willard, or another type of name with “Will” in it. At least that is some people’s logic about the Star Wars universe:

"Question about Bao....
He's like an iridonian and on the first KOTOR on manann there is like an iridorian. I wonder if they are like the same but they switched the r and n."
How could anybody claim to complete TSL and ask this query? Yet here it is:

"wtf where did you find this GO-TO i never saw him"

"where do you find [goto]."

"is go-to supposed to be like davik kang"

You would think this cut scene is automatically triggered once you have both HK-47 and Goto in your party, but then again, I guess not with some:

"how u do that"

The Exile Reads Thoughts Lesson 1
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YouTube Video

Not much said in this one, but still some interesting comments as usual:

"how do you get kreia do look like that?"
I guess there really is something different about Kreia besides having her hood down:

"[Kreia's] hot."
Cheers to the confused :

"I did this the first time I played KOTOR II (and I had not a freaken clue to what I was doing) and I have vet been able to do it again. How do you do this?"

The next lesson could be done two specific ways since there is different dialogue from different party members if you’re a male or female Exile. So I did versions of both ways. Yes, I didn’t do one with Hanharr in your party, but I’m not a fan of him and have never used him once since getting the PC version. I saw plenty of him on the Xbox version and that was enough for me.

The (Female) Exile Reads Thoughts Lesson 2
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YouTube Video

I want to beg to some of these people that talking to Kreia is useful for your character since she is your mentor in TSL:

"More Cut Content I bet, thats why we dont have that, since he as a great deal of cut content himself."

"Darn, I never got to this part, do you need extra experience or something?"
Someone who thought that Canderous being Mandalore was a joke on my part:

"nice... canderous is mandalore... thats a good one"
Then of course someone else doesn’t quite make the connection:

"How did you get canderous???"
The all confusing influence system strikes again as making your party members Jedi is surprising:

"ok i know you can make all of your teamates jedi but how do u do it? "

"OMG you cam make Boa-Dur a Jedi!?"
Try playing as a female Exile:

"[who's] that male jedi?"

"who was that guy that said. How could the jedi leave the republic???"

"what happened to the handmaiden?"
This guy doesn’t know that Canderous is Mandalore and that he never bothers playing as a female Exile:

"Of those I never seen Canderous and Disciple´s thoughts, havent bother myself to play as a female."
Part of me wonders what this guy is thinking and another part wants to say, “Takes one to know one.” Anyway:

"HAHAHAHAAA Mandolore looks like he's stoned!!!"
Keep in mind that I had already posted lesson 1 when this was asked. It’s called looking:

"wheres the video for lesson 1"
How can you play TSL 50 times and be confused:

"uhh im on my like 50 th playthrough at level 21 pretty much a neutral consular do I need to get some more dsp to have option to unlock soth lord its been so long since last playthrough"
You know you have a problem when you think video game characters are actually talking to you:

"Mira's comments are wierdly human for a bounty hunter..."I guess she's just naturally beautifuf" made me laugh hard--for a sec I thought she was referring to me!"
The (Male) Exile Reads Thoughts Lesson 2
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YouTube Video

The confusion of what they just saw:

"[wait] is this a mod?"

"Did you go dark side to do this? I talk to her about the Force often too."

"o [crap] i didnt know u could read thoughts lol"
I remove Mandalore’s helmet for these scene and it did what I thought it would do. It showed some that Canderous is Mandalore for those who didn’t make that connection:

" THAT mandalore?"

"so...canderus is mandalore right???and plz tell me"

"Mandalore is Canderous?!?!"

"candourous is mandalore sweet."

"so canderous becomes the new mandalore after the jedi civil war"

"wtf, that guy?! from kotor 1, how do u get him? or is it b/c of a mod?"
You add a beard to a character and some think Canderous got older:

"Candarous surly got older than before"
Gag me:

"Why was Atton thinking like that (generating Pazaak values when he wasn't playing Pazaak and such)? Does he have ADD or something?"
Someone is reading too much into the dialogue:

"’If father had been faster’". Doesn't she wish she hadn't been born or something? If so, that line is disgusting."

"how did you get handmaiden dark side and you have mira?"
Some can hope after seeing some mods:

"Is this the xbox version?"
If you like the Xbox version better, then enjoy it:

"budddy get it for xbox sooo much better trust me its better soo much"
Poor Xbox users… not:

"modding is like a cheating though"
It just never occurs with some that you need to chat with your party members to get results:

"huh? a mod? do u need to be evil?"
I love making people jealous:

"hey [snip] y do u study this game u nerd get a life u probobly sleep with this game"
Enjoy the update!

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