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"Mira's comments are wierdly human for a bounty hunter..."I guess she's just naturally beautifuf" made me laugh hard--for a sec I thought she was referring to me!"
Just...what? How? She ain't 'Milo' or 'Project Natal', y'know!

"nice... canderous is mandalore... thats a good one"

"How did you get canderous???"
WHAT? STILL? How is it even possible that people still don't see that?

"’If father had been faster’". Doesn't she wish she hadn't been born or something? If so, that line is disgusting."

Yep, that's absolutely what it means. Clearly. Isn't it obvious throughout that the Handmaiden has issues with life generally? What? Worries about being 'last of the Handmaidens'? Don't be daft...

"hey [snip] y do u study this game u nerd get a life u probobly sleep with this game"
Nah, it's just some lucky people can actually remember points about games they play all the way through and enjoy. This is an example of a grade A eejit.

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