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Sorry about the lack of techinical support, everyone, Just been busy.

Originally Posted by Lord of Hunger View Post
Trex, I've been meaning to play this conversion but I've also been busy testing other mods out. I'd like to make a backup of all the affected file folders, but your install instructions say that installing the music will permanently alter the menu and such and I'd have to reinstall the entire game to reverse it. Can you tell me how this works? Which files are affected? If I can simply avoid having to reinstall everything I'd prefer to do so.
I think it just overrides the file music_sith. The problem is that the music which plays over the main menu is hardcoded so you can't really just make an alteration in another file to switch it. The only way for it to take affect in game is to replace the sound file which normally plays.

If you make a backup of the music_sith file before installing, you should just be able to place it back in the game's music folder, replace the file that TJM puts there, and everything should be back to normal.

Originally Posted by logan essex View Post
As soon as I try to leave the queens chamber after the battle begins(at near the beginning of the game), as try to go to the sky ramp, the game crashes. It did this to me a few months back, so I decided to wait for a patch. Now I have a clean install(no mods), with the update, TJM all installed with it's patch. Still it crashes.
Please respond, as I am very interested in what you have here.
When exactly does it crash? Is it when the next area should be loading up i.e. when you pass through the doorway leaving the main chamber?

Originally Posted by Jedi_Man View Post
Hey, I had this mod installed, but then, something happened.
Show spoiler
Just to say, the queen's throne room was the very first thing I made on this mod (if modders want to look through the module files, you'll see how much of a mess it is). It doesn't surprise me if some people are having troubles with it.

The gun crash sounds as if the'rs a file missing, either the baseitems.2da(?) or the gun's mdl file. Either way, if you really want it, my best reccommendation would be to redownload and reinstall the override files. Save games should be unaffected.

If you can't exit the palace, perhaps redownloading & installing the modules might help.

Originally Posted by Lady_Revan View Post
This mod sounds awesome!

Does Revan have to be a male and do we get to have her/him in our party?
So far he's only male. It might be awkward to change it to female. Not necessarily physically, but some conversations between Revan and Bastila might get a bit...weird.

As a quick update, I am still working on a version 2.0, mainly in regards to fmv movies (space battles etc), and harassing voice actors.

If I had to take a sensible, safe guess, 2.0 will be avaliable around August 1st, so some people will have a fun summer holiday.

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