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"’If father had been faster’". Doesn't she wish she hadn't been born or something? If so, that line is disgusting."

"wtf where did you find this GO-TO i never saw him"

"where do you find [goto]."
Hey I've got an idea! Play the game
"[Kreia's] hot."
Please tell me that you're not serious
"hey [snip] y do u study this game u nerd get a life u probobly sleep with this game"

Bink's Sake

"I've barely eaten anything for many decades now. It feels like my stomach shriveled into my back........though i don't have a stomach or back because i'm a skeleton! Yohohohoho! SKULL JOKE!"

"My eyes have never seen such a pretty woman! But i'm a skeleton so my eyes don't see much."
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