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True, but through most of the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War, Anakin/Vader was surrounded by friendlies. The Exile had to go through the things I mentioned above alone.
Anakin/Vader didn't fight large groups of enemies alone? What about the Clone Wars? What about the Jedi Purge?

I also forgot to mention that the Exile was able to survive the severing of a lethal Force Bond.
If it didn't kill her, then how exactly was it lethal?

But the Exile highhandedly held her ground against Darth Sion and crushed his will to live.
This is what my above post was talking about. You can't know if the Exile held her ground against Sion or barely survived that duel.

The exile also fought her way through the Jekk'Jekk Tar on Nar Shaddaa,
So the Exile fought her way through a crowd of mooks on the ass-end of space? Who cares? Any competent main character can do that.

survived the planet of Malachor and the Trayus academy,
See above.

survived Peragus,
Again, she didn't survive anything except a bunch of mooks.

made it through the tomb of Ludo Kressh
What's so impressive about that?

HOLD THE PHONE! when did revan try to kill the exile?
When he sent her to die at Malachor, I believe.

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