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Andros paused to see Virul standing coming towards them. Komad had said he would hold him off yet he was unsure of whether or not to leave him. Greea was in the same fix since it was her husband. He called out to Virul, "So this is what it has come to Virul? Play a game of cat and mouse in this crumbling fortess?"


Tonatius was watching on the monitors in despair. He had heard the stories of Virul and his abilities. He looked around the console to try and find something. He asked, "Kalla, are there any turrets in that corridor? Any type of droid sentry?"


Jun-la had not wanted to leave the Miako warriors there but Riyusaan had been insistent and instinct had told her to obey. She took herself, her brother and Matton through a side entrance of some sort and they were making there way through a maze of corridors. At a T-Junction, she said, "This is getting us nowhere. Even with the signs on the walls we are going in circles."

"Nothing with a circle Sis," Tulre replied in a fit of humour, "It's like that exercise that Tavaryn likes to test us with."

Jun-la looked and it did look like a maze exercise. Perhaps..."It is a training ground."

Matton asked, "Oookay so what do we do?"

"All training mazes have a pattern but you need a key like a phrase or something. We don't have it," Jun-la replied.

"So how do we get out of here? We can't just blast our way out," Matton asked.

Jun-la looked around and up. She spotted something in a corner on the ceiling. She let out a slow smile and said, "I think we may find our way out of this yet." She picked up her comm and called, "Kalla? Padawan? Come in." There was slight static and she repeated, "Kalla come in."


Andros had stayed with his sister to protect Andorra and now he felt slightly useless but he was determined to help as he studied the panels to decipher their function. He heard a crackle and a voice broken. He asked, "Kal you hear something?"

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