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"wtf where did you find this GO-TO i never saw him"
Its Kinda hard to miss somethimg so round and mean.
"nice... canderous is mandalore... thats a good one"
I know right?
"Mira's comments are wierdly human for a bounty hunter..."I guess she's just naturally beautifuf" made me laugh hard--for a sec I thought she was referring to me!"
I think this person could be committed for this comment.
"’If father had been faster’". Doesn't she wish she hadn't been born or something? If so, that line is disgusting."

"modding is like a cheating though"
If that's the case, I'm a bad person.
"hey [snip] y do u study this game u nerd get a life u probobly sleep with this game"
Apparently you need a life if all you do is flame people on YouTube. .

I look forward to more Shem!

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