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I think it just overrides the file music_sith. The problem is that the music which plays over the main menu is hardcoded so you can't really just make an alteration in another file to switch it. The only way for it to take affect in game is to replace the sound file which normally plays.
Hm...the TSL menu music is music_sion, though. Right?
If you make a backup of the music_sith file before installing, you should just be able to place it back in the game's music folder, replace the file that TJM puts there, and everything should be back to normal.
I'll give it a shot.

Oh, and Gavaroc Fevinor? Welcome to the Forums, mate!

As of 3/14/10, TSL is restored. The Sith Lords Restored Content Modification by Stoney and Zbyl has been finished and can be downloaded here.

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