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"Remember, you're not in a labyrinth, you're in a base of operations. The Imperials designed everything in a logical manner, but also with security in mind. Follow the locked doors." Kalla suggested. "Nothing I can control from here, but we should try to get over there ourselves and help." She told Tonatius.

"So this is Master Starlighter. I shall not deprive Tyrannus the pleasure of killing you himself, but when I'm through with you, you'll wish I had." Virul responded, making threats in his typical manner. "Your fight is with me, not him, Virul." Komad replied, keeping his lightsabers pointed at him. "On the contrary, you and your friends have interfered with my plans for the last time." And with that, Virul unleashed a maelstrom of Force Lightning, Komad catching as much of it as he could with his lightsabers.

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